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Slavica could cheat Bernie out of all his money
Bernie Ecclestone put all his wealth in his ex-wife's name and now she flew the coop.  He hope's she'll give it back.  Good luck dummy.
His fortune has plummeted, his ex-wife has just divorced him which will cost another few hundred million and, 14 years past retirement age, Bernie Ecclestone still has to work. Is he a happy man these days?

Sitting in his office, Ecclestone looks puzzled at the question, ponders the thought that his empire is thriving, his income is still on the north side of £2billion, his two beautiful daughters have rallied to his side and his health is ridiculously good.

Plans to shake up Formula One and bring in new teams have gone through and his idea the driver who wins most races should be champion was finally approved.

“Everything is fine, I’m good, not too poor,” he  said, brushing his familiar Mick Jagger-style grey hair back into place.

Slavica pushed through an uncontested divorce last week on the grounds of unreasonable behavior, something a few F1 teams might try to claim this week.  “You are 79,” I said.

“Seventy-eight,” he added, immediately  “I hope to be 79. A lot of people hope I don’t.

“I didn’t contest anything she said. The lawyers said I should, but she wanted a quick divorce and I was happy with that. Short of going to court and having a Paul McCartney-type thing, this was the best way.

“I would have liked it to have lasted but it was a case of Slavica reaching 50, both the girls off her hands. Tamara has her television thing, Petra has her clothing range.

"She didn’t feel she wanted to be mother hen any more looking after them. She wanted to spread her wings, see the world.

“I am disappointed, yes, but the girls are super and you have to get on with life.”

Much of Ecclestone’s fortune is in a trust in his ex-wife’s name but he is optimistic. “The trust will get sorted out between us. She will not try to cheat me out of the money I have earned over the years (Want to bet Bernie?  It's in her name.  Be prepared to lose it all). I want her to be happy in her life. I don’t know how much I have lost because I have to ask for it back. We will find a way.” (Good Luck) Daily Express

Ecclestone is not exactly having to resort to microwave meals at his Knightsbridge home and any spare time will now be focused entirely on F1.

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