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2013 F1 car to be turbo, 1.6L at low 10K RPM UPDATE (GMM)  More details about the shape of radical new regulations for 2013 have continued to emerge.

Earlier, it was reported that most teams have essentially agreed that the field will in future be powered by 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder turbo engines, with the cars featuring 80s-style 'ground effect' aerodynamics.

Monday's reports also said drivers will be limited to using just five of the 650 horse power engines in 2013.

The online magazine GPWeek has now revealed some additional details of the new formula.

The publication said the turbo engines will run at about 10,000rpm, and feature an efficient limit on the fuel flow -- culminating in a 'green' formula that some insiders believe might entice manufacturers back onto the grid.

KERS will also play an increasing role in F1's future regulations, with additional heat-recovery technology to likely augment the existing hybrid systems.

Additionally, the cars' sidepods will be moved forwards to increase driver protection, and the size of the wheel rims is expected to increase in future years.

The basis of the 2013 rules are likely to be outlined in more detail after a forthcoming meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

09/06/10 (GMM)  The outline of F1's new technical direction for 2013 and beyond has been essentially decided.

According to Autosprint's Italian-language auto.it, the sport's cars of the future will feature so-called 'ground effect' aerodynamics and be powered by 1.6 liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engines (essentially the Global Racing Engine).

The report said the package has been agreed by the majority of the teams.

A working group, featuring a group of engineers from F1 teams, has been in charge of defining the basic outline of the 2013 regulations, Autosprint said.

The four-cylinder turbo engines will reportedly produce 650 horse power, with drivers to be limited to using just five separate units per season (meaning each engine must last 5 complete race weekends).

Ground-effect aerodynamics, meanwhile, could improve overtaking by having the majority of the downforce generated underneath the car, rather than by the wings and top bodywork which greatly disturb the airflow onto following cars.

The technology was pioneered in F1 in the late 70s, but banned shortly afterwards because while producing immense cornering grip, ground effects made the cars unstable at high speed and relied on 'sliding skirts' that often broke.

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