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Karma Automotive Unveils New 2020 Revero GTS

New Performance Version of Karma Revero GT Debuts
Tuesday, November 19, 2019


2020 Revero GTS
2020 Revero GTS

Karma Automotive has launched its new 2020 Revero GTS during AutoMobility LA and the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. The new GTS, a performance version of the company’s luxury electric Revero GT which debuted earlier in 2019, will feature a host of performance upgrades, including new Karma IP and technology.

“The Karma Revero GTS is a special continuation of the success of our definitive luxury electric Revero GT,” says Karma CEO, Dr Lance Zhou. “The GTS offers enhanced performance for the driving enthusiast, adding diversity to our growing product range. All our vehicles are hand-built in our $100-million-dollar Karma Innovation and Customization Center here in Southern California, providing customers with the ultimate in personalization and customization.”

The new 2020 Revero GTS delivers a host of performance enhancements, including an improved 0-60mph of less than 3.9 seconds, electronic torque vectoring and an electronically-limited top speed of 130mph. An upgraded exterior includes carbon fiber trim, while a reimagined interior features Karma’s new in-house Soloscape audio technology and haptic tactile steering wheel switches - a feature also integrated into the company’s new electric hyper car concept, SC2. The Revero GTS also qualifies for HOV-lane single occupancy in several states.

“There is much more to the GTS than a beautiful design and outstanding performance,” says Karma VP of Engineering, Todd George. “We’ve developed a number of in-house technologies, including our own inverters to maximize and maintain full software control for fast over-the-air updates, and our own proprietary 7.1-channel 570-watt Soloscape audio system.”

The Revero GTS brings all the premium features of Karma’s hallmark Revero GT; dual electric motors and a Twin Power Turbo three-cylinder in-line engine, an on-board electric generator and enhanced overall vehicle capability. Driving range is up to 360 miles, with 80 miles of emissions-free all-electric driving powered by a 28kWh NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) lithium-ion battery featuring higher overall density, improved power output and enhanced safety features.

Drivers can select from three different drive modes via the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters:

  • Stealth: pure-electric, emissions free driving
  • Sustain: turns on the range-extending generator to preserve the battery pack’s power for use when the driver chooses
  • Sport: combines the output from the battery pack and the generator for maximum driving performance
Rear view
Rear view

As part of Karma’s commitment to technological innovation and advanced mobility solutions, the company has integrated several new technologies into its Revero product line. Both the Revero GTS and GT are equipped with Karma’s in-house inverters to convert DC current from the battery pack to power the AC drive motors, and to also capture AC power from the regenerative braking system to recharge the battery pack. A new single-speed gearbox is situated between the twin motors and Karma inverters. Because Karma has integrated its inverters with the drive motors, the RDM delivers improved size, weight and handling. Revero’s re-designed brake calipers reduce unwanted drag on the rotors and improve driving range, while new suspension bushings and valves improve damping and handling. Refined electrically-assisted power steering is precise, creating a smooth, powerful driving experience.

Launch control, a feature in both the new Revero GTS and GT, brings special appeal to driving enthusiasts. To activate, drivers select Sport mode, then apply brake and accelerator pedals. The generator then starts the range extender, which spins up to 4,000 rpm to generate maximum electrical power. As the generator ramps up, the digital instrument panel starts a countdown for launch. When the Revero indicates it is ready, the driver releases the brake, keeps the accelerator pinned, and the generator and the battery unleash all their power into the rear axle. The instrument panel speedometer turns into a stopwatch and shows elapsed time as the Revero reaches 60 mph.

Inside the Revero GTS, a lavish interior features comfortable and ergonomic design, with ventilated seats and touch-sensitive steering wheel controls. A new electric architecture with faster processors properly supports an intelligent driving environment, including enhanced UX/UI, more energy-efficient touch screens, and active noise cancellation. Oak and elm interior inlays come from naturally-felled trees salvaged from King Gillette Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains, while sustainably sourced, high-quality leathers from Scotland’s famed Bridge of Weir give the Revero GT a sumptuous feel. Karma’s in-house customization opportunities such as one-off paints, interiors, seats, stitching and jewels make each vehicle unique.

Karma’s present momentum is also driven by a period of rapid product introduction, including the current U.S. launch of its 2020 Revero GT luxury electric vehicle and a new Karma global platform in 2021, all supported by a rapidly increasing, global retail footprint. The 2020 Karma Revero GTS has a $149,950 MSRP and is now available for preorders through Karma’s North American retail partners, with production beginning in first quarter of 2020.

Additional Information – 2020 Revero GTS Technical Highlights


  • Twin Electric Motors and all-electric powertrain deliver 536 Horsepower and 635 lb.-ft of motor torque
  • Electronic torque vectoring*
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds*, improved from 4.5 seconds in 2020 Revero GT
  • Launch Control as standard
  • New rear drive module and inverters
  • Twin Power Turbo three-cylinder in-line engine supplied by BMW AG
  • Upgraded HV battery for improved range – up to 80 miles of EV range – about 60% more than previous generation
  • Electric power steering enhancing steering feel


  • Blind spot and cross traffic detection
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Haptic tactile switches*
  • Karma Soloscape in-house audio technology *
  • New digital-audio architecture for enhanced audio performance
  • New touch screen and UI processor
  • Patented, exterior state-of-charge indication via Center brake light
  • Over-the-air software updates


  • New design, new body – including redesigned: hood, doors, deck lid, body sides, side mirrors, front and rear
  • Carbon Fiber Trim Package*


  • New front/rear seats, with front seat ventilation & heated steering wheel
  • New center console with improved storage
  • Incorporates the finest grade of interior leather available to the industry and ecologically-friendly, reclaimed wood as interior trim

*Newly available in 2020 Revero GTS performance variant

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