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Go-Kart Shipping Tips

by Ben Leffler
Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A go-kart in action
Whether you are a casual go-kart driver or a serious racing enthusiast, situations arise that call for shipping your kart and hiring a professional moving company to do the job is always a good option. Moving, selling a kart online and traveling to a race are just several such circumstances, and in each it is important that the kart arrives at its destination on time and in good condition. While the company will be responsible for physically transporting the vehicle, taking precautions in your selection and preparation can facilitate the process and minimize the risk of your kart being damaged during shipment.

When selecting a company to transport a go-kart, the primary concerns are reliability and responsibility. In order to be a quality candidate for the job a carrier should have an established record of successful moves and a sufficient insurance policy.

References are a great way to establish a company’s record of customer service because they are firsthand accounts of previous jobs. These are available on most mover’s websites, but if not they should be able to provide some to you. Carriers often move a variety of vehicles, so be sure that at least one reference is from a go-kart shipment. A company can also provide you with information on their insurance policy during this process, but be sure you are clear on the steps that must be taken in the event of an accident. Be wary of unreasonably high deductibles or loopholes in the policy that could be problematic.

Once a choice has been made on a shipper, a few steps are necessary to prepare the go-kart for the trailer. Even as different companies may vary on the specifics they require, the following will provide a great starting point in the process.

First, wash off the kart and inspect it for any damage. Document any dents, scratches and dings with pictures and a brief written account. This will come in handy if the kart is damaged and you are forced to file a claim with insurance. (This step is less applicable to a backyard variety kart than a track speedster, but it is never bad to get an idea of your kart’s condition.)

After cleaning up the kart, remove any accessories that could be potentially rattle loose while in transport. This includes mirrors, flags and anything else you can remove, as a carrier’s insurance will not provide compensation for lost or damaged accessories. Also, helmets and other gear that go along with the kart will probably not be allowed, so plan on shipping such items separately.

The final step in preparing your go-kart for the trailer is a quick mechanical overview. Even as the vehicle will not be driven much while in transport, it is important to determine that it is running smoothly. Check the fluid levels and tire pressure to make sure they are in good shape. Also, most shippers will not require you to remove the battery or drain the gas tank, but be sure to find out their policy on this beforehand. At this point you should be all set.

Happy holidays and safe driving!

Written by Ben Leffler of, an online marketplace for Go-Kart Shipping.

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