Bourdais wins Dual 1 in Detroit

Sebastien Bourdais wins for 2nd time in Detroit

Sebastien Bourdais drove the No. 11 Team Hydroxycut-KVSH Racing Chevrolet to victory in today's Dual 1 of the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix. It was Bourdais' 35th career Indy Car victory and second at Detroit, as the Le Mans, France native won Dual 2 last year.

Noblesville, IN native Conor Daly recorded his first career podium finishing 2nd 2.040s behind Bourdais. Juan Pablo Montoya was third with Graham Rahal and Helio Castroneves rounding out the top-five.

Bourdais said afterwards, "The car was obviously really quick and all we needed was clean air to come back from that pretty average qualifying. I really couldn’t dream of that. I don’t even know how we got there. I couldn’t be any happier for Chevrolet and Hydroxycut today."

Bourdais' team used a strategy of getting off the red tires early on lap 3 and it worked to his advantage.

"Yeah, I think it would have worked even better had we not pitted with everybody else. We ended up just pretty much where we were before. I couldn’t pass Gabby (Chaves) and it was like for a long time I really thought the strategy was a total mess and was never going to work. When we finally got some clean air then I could start to click some quick lap times and make it happen."

"It's like playing poker," Bourdais said. "You know what hand you have right now at the moment, but every bet you make is going to work or not work based on what's going to happen later on. You just have to make decisions and today we just got the lucky hand. The guys in the pits made the right call. Thankfully I didn't make any mistakes, ran pretty well and pretty strong."

Sebastien Bourdais, driver of the #11 Team Hydroxycut-KVSH Racing Chevrolet IndyCar V6, takes the checkered flag
Sebastien Bourdais, driver of the #11 Team Hydroxycut-KVSH Racing Chevrolet IndyCar V6, takes the checkered flag
Scott R. LePage/LAT for Chevy Racing

Starting 13th in the No. 11 Team Hydroxycut – KVSH Racing Chevrolet, Bourdais fell as low as 19th after pitting early to change to the black-sidewall Firestone primary tires most drivers preferred in the race. He charged to fourth by Lap 32 but didn't take the race lead until Lap 55 when reigning Verizon IndyCar Series champion Scott Dixon made his final pit stop.

Bourdais stopped for fuel only two laps later, and when Daly needed to pit for a splash of Sunoco E85R ethanol on Lap 61, Bourdais regained the lead and took it to the checkered flag. On the heels of winning the second race of the 2015 Dual in Detroit, Bourdais has now won two consecutive Belle Isle races.

Daly, meanwhile, was elated with second place, his best finish in 13 career Verizon IndyCar Series races.

"I am a happy human," the 24-year-old American and Verizon IndyCar Series rookie said. "I have to continue to remember this is my first year, right? Everything has been all over the place up until this. To be on the podium my first year, it's a really rewarding experience. I just hope I can do more, obviously."

Team Penske's quartet of drivers dominated the race early, with championship leader Simon Pagenaud, 2014 series champion Will Power and 1999 Indy car champion Juan Pablo Montoya leading the first 53 laps. But Pagenaud ran out of fuel on the final lap, finishing 13th, and Power's day ended when a wheel nut on his car came loose on Lap 45, forcing him to pull off course.

Montoya finished third in the No. 2 Verizon Team Penske Chevrolet, his best result since winning the season-opening Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in March.

"We were trying to play the rain," Montoya said. "When we restarted, we never really pushed. We were trying to make sure we could make it to the rain and the rain never came. We tried to run a smart race, but it didn't happen. We got a decent podium out of it, so I'm pretty happy about that."

Graham Rahal finished fourth in the No. 15 United Rentals Honda, just ahead of Helio Castroneves in the No. 3 Hitachi Team Penske Chevrolet. Dixon finished 19th after suffering electrical issues in his No. 9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet, but not before setting a track record lap of 1 minute, 14.6675 seconds (113.302 mph) on Lap 30.

[adinserter name="GOOGLE AD"]As for tomorrow's race, Bourdais is hoping to start further up the grid.

"I can only hope for good conditions and hopefully a better qualifying because I think if we put that No. 11 car up front in qualifying it’s going to be tough to beat."

This is the first win for Sebastien Bourdais in 2016 and the 35th win of his Indy car career, which ties Bobby Unser for sixth on the all-time list. It is the second consecutive season that Bourdais has won one of the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit races. He won Dual 2 in 2015.

Bourdais is the fifth different winner in seven Verizon IndyCar Series races in 2016

This is the second win at KVSH Racing at Belle Isle. The team’s last win as Belle Isle came in 2015 with Bourdais.

Race Summary

Lap 1: GREEN. 22-Pagenaud leads the field into Turn 1. It is the fifth race in seven starts that Pagenaud has led this season.

Lap 2: 27-Andretti, 19-Chaves and 20-Pigot on pit road for four tires and fuel. All cars changed to primary black tires.

Lap 3: 22-Pagenaud leads 3-Castroneves by 0.7188 of a second. 10-Kanaan, 83-Kminball, 14-Sato 11 Bourdais and 21 Newgarden on pit road for four tires and fuel. All cars changed to black tires.

Lap 4: 15-Rahal, 7-Alershin, 98-Rossi on pti road for four tires and fuel All cars changed to black tires.

Lap 5: 22-Pagenaud leads 3-Castroneves by 0.7747 of a second. 18-Daly on pit road for four black tires and fuel.

Lap 6: 12-Power on pit road for four black tires and fuel.

Lap 7: 8-Chilton on pit road for four black tires and fuel.

Lap 8: 22-Pagenaud leads 3-Castroneves by 1.6053 seconds. 9-Dizon on pit road for four tires and fuel. Car has a slow stop with fueling issue.

Lap 9: 5-Hinchcliffe and 2-Montoya on pit road for four tires and fuel. YELLOW. 8-Chilton makes contact on the backstretch. Leaders under caution are: 22-Pagenaud, 3-Castroneves, 26-Munoz, 2-Montoya and 5-Hinchcliffe. Pits are closed.

Lap 11: Pits are open. 18-Daly and 20 Pigot on pit road for fuel only.

Lap 13: 11-Bourdais, 18-Daly and 20-Pigot on pit road for fuel only.

Lap 14: GREEN. 22-Pagenaud leads the field into Turn 1.

Lap 17: 22-Pagenaud leads 3-Castroneves by 1.9960 seconds.

Lap 20: 22-Pagenaud leads 3-Castroneves by 5.1439 seconds. 12-Power passes 3-Castronves for second in Turn 3.

Lap 22: 22-Pagenaud leads 12-Power by 6.5348 seconds.

Lap 23: Leader 22-Pagenaud on pit road for four black tires and fuel. New leader is 12-Power.

Lap 24: 3-Castroneves and 26-Munoz on pit road for four tires and fuel. Both cars take black tires.

Lap 25: 12-Power leads 2-Montoya by 3.8060 seconds.

Lap 26: 10-Kanaan on pit lane for four tires and fuel.

Lap 27: 83-Kimball, 21-Newgarden, 14-Sato, 27-Andretti, 19-Chaves on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 28: 15-Rahal, 7-Aleshin and 28-Hunter-Reay on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 29: Leader, 12-Power, on pit road for four tires and fuel. New leader is 2-Montoya. 98-Rossi also pits for four tires and fuel.

Lap 30: 5-Hinchcliffe on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 31: Leaders, 2-Montoya and 9-Dixon, on pit road for four tires and fuel. 2-Montoya exits the pit lane with the lead, but he and 12-Power run wide in Turn 3. 22-Pagenaud passes both in Turn 3.

Lap 33: 22-Pagenaud leads 12-Power 2.6075 seconds.

Lap 35: 22-Pagenaud leads 12-Power 1.9135 seconds. 11-Bourdais and 20-Pigot on pit road for four tires and fuel.


Race Stewards have issued 20-Pigot a drive-through penalty for hitting pit equipment during his stop.


Lap 37: 18-Daly on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 40: 22-Pagenaud leads 12-Power by 1.5463 seconds.

Lap 42: YELLOW. 5-Hinchcliffe makes contact with the tire barrier in Turn 7. Pits are closed. Leaders under caution are: 22-Pagenaud, 12-Power, 2-Montoya, 3-Castroneves and 15-Rahal.

Lap 43: Pits are open. Most of the leaders on pit road for four tires and fuel. 2-Montoya does not stop and assumes leads of the race. 12-Power wins race off pit road ahead of 3-Castroneves and 22-Pagenaud.

Lap 45: 12-Power off course in Turn 3 with a shifting issue.

Lap 46: GREEN. 2-Montoya leads the field into Turn 1.

Lap 48: 2-Montoya leads 15-Rahal by 0.9755 of a second.

Lap 50: 2-Montoya leads 15-Rahal by 0.8310 of a second. 10-Kanaan on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 51: 19-Chaves on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 52: 15-Rahal on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 53: 2-Montoya leads 9-Dixon by 0.8658 of a second.

Lap 54: Leader, 2-Montoya, on pit road for four tires and fuel. New leader is 9-Dixon.

Lap 55: Leader, 9-Dixon, on pit road for four tires and fuel. New leader is 11-Bourdais.

Bourdais celebrates his victory
Bourdais celebrates his victory

Lap 56: Dixon is slow on course after leaving the pits. 83-Kimball on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 57: 11-Bourdais on pit road for four tires and fuel. New leader is 18-Daly.

Lap 58: 18-Daly leads 11-Bourdais by 20.0067 seconds.

Lap 60: 18-Daly leads 11-Bourdais by 21.3462 seconds.

Lap 61: Leader 18-Daly on pit road for four tires and fuel.

Lap 62: 11-Bourdais passes 18-Daly for the lead in Turn 1 as 18-Daly exits the pits.

Lap 64: 11-Bourdais leads 18-Daly by 2.9839 seconds.h

Lap 66: 11-Bourdais leads 18-Daly by 3.1512 seconds.

Lap 68: 11-Bourdais leads 18-Daly by 1.2576 seconds.

Lap 69: WHITE: 11-Bourdais leads 18-Daly by 1.9932 seconds.

Lap 70: CHECKERED: 11-Bourdais wins the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit Dual 1 by 2.0401 seconds over 18-Daly.


JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 2 Verizon Team Penske Chevrolet): "My guys did a good job (in the pits) but where we missed it was when we were trying to save fuel when we were leading to try to make it to the rain, but the rain never happened. It was the right move if you were looking at the radar. We had good pace and everyone at Verizon and Chevy and Team Penske have done an amazing job. We had a boost problem at the end. If we didn't have that I think we would have won it anyway. It's good to get back on the podium and a good result. (On having a car to win for Race 2) If we have long runs we're OK. If you noticed the first stint we struggled and then the car just came to life and is pretty good."

HELIO CASTRONEVES (No. 3 Hitachi Team Penske Chevrolet): "I have to say the Hitachi Chevrolet was fantastic and ran really well and we were in great position to win. On the other side, we had to save fuel for about 30 laps. But if we look at the positive side, we've gained a lot of points in championship (now second) and that's very good for Team Penske. We will go back tomorrow and look for better results."

JAMES HINCHCLIFFE (No. 5 Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Honda): "The Arrow Electronics car was really quick and the guys called a good strategy, but ultimately we had a parts failure that put us into the tires, so it's an opportunity lost for some solid points. We were ahead of a lot of the guys that we needed to be ahead of and keeping pace with a couple of the Penskes there, which was good because they were the class of the field this weekend. Not a whole lot we can do so we'll regroup. We know we have a quick car so we'll just bounce back tomorrow."

MIKHAIL ALESHIN (No. 7 SMP Racing Schmidt Peterson Honda): "It was a tough race but we were pretty sure the SMP Racing and DOOM car was able to finish in the top ten. But then (Tony) Kanaan just crashed into the rear of my car and the rear right tire went flat. I'm not sure why he didn't receive a penalty but my crew worked really hard and we deserved more than that."

MAX CHILTON (No. 8 Gallagher Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet): "We started 18th. We knew we had to go forward, so I pushed like mad for the first eight laps. People pitted early and then my pace didn't drop off, so we thought we might as well keep going. Finally made the stop because we were out of fuel and then my out lap was mega. As soon as I came out of the pits I felt like I had a very strong front end. The steering was heavy but I still had the grip so I thought maybe it was just the black tires. Then, I think it was the third time down the back straight, everything felt normal and then as I went left for the kink, my wheel just went left. I was just a passenger from that point. Something gave way on the column because I couldn't take the wheel off when I got out."

[adinserter name="GOOGLE AD"]SCOTT DIXON (No. 9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet): "It wasn't a great day for us today. We had a new left front tire on at the start and it was a Firestone red, and I just got really loose at the start and lost positions because it had way more grip than the other three tires. Then we came in on the next stop and the Target car was super-fast. We had a fueling issue and went to the back and raced our way back to the front. The car was still really fast and we were fast with clear track in front of us. We left after our last stop and had a gearbox issue I think which led to not being able to use the clutch or shift at the end of the race."

TONY KANAAN (No. 10 NTT Data Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet): "I'm not thrilled with our race today. I think we had at least a top-five car but we ran into some bad luck throughout the race. We went off strategy and came in just for fuel on our last stop thinking we'd be able to pick off some of the guys ahead of us who were saving fuel, but we weren't able to get to them. At about 10 to go, I realized I had a broken front wing and then we got a blocking penalty with three to go that caused us to lose a spot. I'm still not sure I 100 percent agree with that call, but we'll take a look at the replays again tonight and try to see what they were looking at when they made that decision. Regardless we'll get the car put back together tonight and work through our strategy to have the No. 10 NTT Data Chevrolet ready to go to qualify in the morning and race in the afternoon."

SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS (No. 11 Team Hydroxycut – KVSH Racing Chevrolet): "The call (to pit) was obviously really quick and all we needed was clean air to come back from the pretty average qualifying and I really couldn't dream of that. I don't even know how we got there. We just ran like stink most of the race and it worked out, so I couldn't be any happier for Chevrolet and Hydroxycut today. It (pitting on Lap 3) would have worked even better if we had not pitted with everybody else because we ended up just pretty much where we were before. So, I couldn't press Gabby (Chaves). For a long time I really thought the strategy was a total mess and it was never going to work, and when we finally got some clean air then I could start to get some quick lap times and make it happen. (On momentum for Race 2) I can only hope for good conditions and hopefully a better qualifying because I think if we put that No. 11 car up front in qualifying, it's going to be tough to beat."

WILL POWER (No. 12 Verizon Team Penske Chevrolet): "The Verizon Chevy was great today. We started in ninth and were able to quickly gain ground and get up front. The car was really fast and felt very comfortable. Then we had that pit stop and problem with the wheel. You can't do much about it. Things happen. My crew is the best. It was just one of those things. We'll regroup and give it another go tomorrow."

GRAHAM RAHAL (No. 15 United Rentals Honda): "The guys did a great job. I'm frustrated that somehow (Conor) Daly and (Sebastien) Bourdais got around us. I'm disappointed about that. At the end of the day the United Rentals Honda was great, we put some great laps in and to come out fourth is a nice result. Obviously I would rather be on that podium, but it's a good first race for us here. I want to keep my podium streak here, but we will get another chance tomorrow. Pit stops were key and my guys did a great job. We put a good solid run together there to finish fourth. That was a tough race. Literally it hurt my bones. The kickback in the steering wheel is so rough that my wrists are just aching."

CONOR DALY (No. 18 Jonathan Byrd's Hospitality Honda): "This feels like a win. I can't believe we were trying to go after (Sebastien) Bourdais and trying defend against (Juan Pablo) Montoya. I used to watch these guys here. It's crazy. This is why you do it, to get on the podium. We made it this time now we need to do it more. It was a lot harder than I thought. I'm cramping up all over. I've got to get hydrated because it was a tough race and my thumbs are bleeding, but the car is good though so I'll drive it like that anytime. We were able to prove that we had a good car and this car has been good all weekend. It's just sweet. We've been through a lot this year, especially coming off of Indy. That was such a punch in the gut. We had a great car there too. We're always having to fight from the back. We're only making things difficult on ourselves. But it's just small things, small gremlins every time. I'm still a rookie at this so there's a lot for me to learn, but gosh, the guys on the stand called a beautiful race. (On decision not to take tires at the end) Thanks Firestone. Yeah, it was great. The tires lasted all the way to the end. So, it was amazing because they kept getting better. It was really awesome and just gave us a shot to fight for the top three."

GABBY CHAVES (No. 19 Boy Scouts of America Honda): "It was a pretty interesting race. We were enjoying our time out there and improving every session, every lap and finding speed. We had a good strategy with the team and it was a great team effort, so I'm really happy with that. We're just going to keep working hard to be where we know we can be."

SPENCER PIGOT (No. 20 Fuzzy's Vodka Chevrolet): "It was a tough race. Starting in the back never makes things easy, but we tried to improve throughout the race and I think that we did that. The guys were good in the pits and it was unfortunate that a couple of things happened set us back. We'll try and come back even better for tomorrow."

JOSEF NEWGARDEN (No. 21 Preferred Freezer/Fuzzy's Vodka Chevrolet): "It was not a fun day. We could have had a better finish there with the Fuzzy's Vodka Preferred Freezer Services car. We ran into some trouble there towards the end during the fuel saving component of the race. We probably could have gotten a top five, we just had to nurse the car home. We got it across the line, which was priority number one. We still got some points, we just weren't as high up as we could have been so we'll come back tomorrow and try again."

SIMON PAGENAUD (No. 22 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Chevrolet): "The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Chevrolet was strong today. We were running strong all day in the front, but it ended up being a fuel strategy race after we got caught up during the first yellow when we were in the lead. From then on, strategy was difficult. We needed a load of fuel to make it at the end, but unfortunately there wasn't much we could have done. If we came in, it probably would have been the same. The crew did a fantastic job. It just didn't work out for us."

CARLOS MUNOZ (No. 26 Magneti Marelli Honda): "Again another race where strategies and cautions played a big factor. The Magneti Marelli car was fast out there. The risk we took to stay out longer didn't work a lot and in the end, I had to save a lot of fuel. The good thing is the fuel number I had to reach was so high, I am happy I could hit that number while being fast. But, we finished sixth after a gamble and are climbing in the championship points, which I am happy about."

MARCO ANDRETTI (No. 27 United Fiber & Data/Snapple Honda): "Not a great result for us today. I battled with the back end of the car all day and wasn't able to save fuel like we needed to. Without being able to make the mileage, we just got crushed. But, we get to do it all over again tomorrow, so we'll take a look at the UFD / Vernors car tonight and come back fighting again for Race 2."

RYAN HUNTER-REAY (No. 28 DHL Honda): "Our strategy was all over the place today – just one of those Detroit races, you never know what's going to be the right call. You just have to go with it and stick to it. We spent half the race saving fuel in the DHL car, trying to make a certain strategy work. Then we found out our fuel numbers were wrong, we maybe didn't need to save that much fuel. Unfortunate, because we finished seventh while saving fuel and possibly could have challenged for a bit higher."

CHARLIE KIMBALL (No. 42 Tresiba Chevrolet): "What a day. It's hard to really describe the day because so much went on. We tried a bunch of strategies. The No. 83 guys on the stand were awesome – just trying to do something to get us in the best track position. I was racing guys hard and honestly the No. 83 Tresiba® Chevrolet was better than eighth. It just didn't quite work out on strategy. Between the rain drops, the way the yellows fell, and who we were racing we got a little bit caught up there. It was a tough day. Anytime you're racing in the Verizon IndyCar Series with such tight competition it's not going to be easy, especially at such a physical track like this one. A big thanks to the Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing team and really all of Chip Ganassi Racing – I know they'll be here late tonight getting the cars ready."

ALEXANDER ROSSI (No. 98 NAPA Auto Parts/Curb Honda):
"Starting 17th on any street track is going to be tough. We did a decent job maximizing our potential – I believe we could've gained a couple more positions though. I think generally it was an OK result. It is very important we qualify the NAPA AUTO PARTS / Curb Honda higher on the grid tomorrow so we have a better ability to prove we have a great race car."


Pos No Name Laps Diff Gap Pits LPit FL FTime Led ST FSpeed Engine
1 11 Sebastien Bourdais 70 4 57 56 1:15.111 12 13 112.634 Chevy
2 18 Conor Daly 70 2.0401 2.0401 5 61 56 1:15.592 4 16 111.916 Honda
3 2 Juan Pablo Montoya 70 5.7067 3.6666 3 54 30 1:14.841 13 3 113.040 Chevy
4 15 Graham Rahal 70 7.4793 1.7726 3 52 40 1:15.398 10 112.205 Honda
5 3 Helio Castroneves 70 40.0139 32.5346 2 43 41 1:15.093 2 112.661 Chevy
6 26 Carlos Munoz 70 40.7592 0.7453 2 43 39 1:15.210 5 112.485 Honda
7 28 Ryan Hunter-Reay 70 42.2990 1.5398 3 43 40 1:15.593 15 111.915 Honda
8 83 Charlie Kimball 70 44.4699 2.1709 4 56 41 1:15.478 8 112.085 Chevy
9 10 Tony Kanaan 70 45.5832 1.1133 4 50 37 1:16.350 7 110.805 Chevy
10 98 Alexander Rossi 70 48.2961 2.7129 3 43 41 1:15.648 17 111.833 Honda
11 14 Takuma Sato 70 51.1067 2.8106 4 45 40 1:16.242 11 110.963 Honda
12 19 Gabby Chaves 70 51.3256 0.2189 3 51 39 1:16.562 20 110.499 Honda
13 22 Simon Pagenaud 70 52.5313 1.2057 2 43 40 1:15.316 35 1 112.327 Chevy
14 21 Josef Newgarden 70 66.2350 13.7037 4 45 40 1:15.771 14 111.652 Chevy
15 7 Mikhail Aleshin 70 74.1421 7.9071 4 61 70 1:15.917 12 111.438 Honda
16 27 Marco Andretti 69 1 LAPS 13.6680 5 45 39 1:16.728 19 110.260 Honda
17 20 Spencer Pigot 69 1 LAPS 41.7890 6 49 34 1:16.624 21 110.410 Chevy
18 5 James Hinchcliffe 65 4 LAPS 2 LAPS 4 65 29 1:15.200 4 112.501 Honda
19 9 Scott Dixon 56 69.8834 15.3783 4 56 30 1:14.668 1 6 113.302 Chevy
20 12 Will Power 44 5.6439 0.9768 3 43 36 1:15.156 5 9 112.566 Chevy
21 8 Max Chilton 8 48.4781 2.7314 1 7 6 1:17.715 18 108.859 Chevy
22 41 Jack Hawksworth 1 LAPS 0 No Time 22 Honda

Race Statistics:
Winner's average speed: 97.857
Time of Race: 1:40:51.6838
Margin of victory: 2.0401 seconds
Cautions: 2 for 8 laps
Lead changes: 8 among 6 drivers

Lap Leaders:
Pagenaud 1 – 23
Power 24 – 28
Montoya 29 – 31
Pagenaud 32 – 43
Montoya 44 – 53
Dixon 54
Bourdais 55 – 57
Daly 58 – 61
Bourdais 62 – 70

Verizon IndyCar Series point standings: Pagenaud 313, Castroneves 254, Dixon 247, Munoz 227, Newgarden 227, Montoya 223, Rossi 223, Hinchcliffe 217, Kanaan 214, Kimball 213.

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