France Could Ban Sales Of Select VW And Renault Diesels

France is considering banning the sales of select diesel Volkswagen and Renault models, according to the country’s environmental minister.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Segolene Royal said that after VW’s Dieselgate scandal, investigations into Renault’s engine software have been ongoing and initial findings will be announced in December.

"We will be asking the consumer fraud investigators and prosecutors to communicate any findings that will enable us to establish whether it's necessary to withdraw sales authorizations," he said.

Earlier in the year, Renault admitted that it had used devices to conceal the true levels of nitrogen oxides emitted by its diesel models. However, the French automaker says such devices were legal under European law where they can be used if deemed necessary to protect the engine.

Since an announcement was made earlier in the month regarding an investigation into Renault, Royal revealed that a criminal probe was also looking into reports that investigators found a new type of defeat device in the Captur SUV, reports Reuters

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