Apple May Team Up With Magna Steyr For Car Project

Yet another Apple Car rumor! Apple may be on the verge of striking a deal with Magna Steyr to help produce its upcoming car.

Founded in 2001 and part of the Magna International ground, Magna Steyr is an Austrian-based contract auto manufacturer which helps numerous carmakers to build vehicles.

In fact, Magna currently produces cars for the likes of BMW, Aston Martin and Volkswagen, helping to ease production bottlenecks for those firms. Soon, it will help build two models from the Jaguar Land Rover portfolio and Apple could be next.

A comprehensive report about Magna by Bloomberg reveals that a dozen of the manufacturer's employees have been working with Apple to help make its first vehicle a reality.

It is speculated that while Apple develops the car's self-driving system, Magna Steyr will be tasked with helping to engineer the model. The two may then collaborate on design and final development before production commences at one of Magna's facilities.

From a logistical standpoint, it certainly makes sense for Apple to offload production to another company. After all, Taiwanese company Foxconn Technology Group builds the iPhone allowing Apple to fully focus on the design and development of its devices.

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