Abu Dhabi could be Ecclestone’s last race


Ecclestone keeps F1 in the news ny keeping the rumor mill churning
Ecclestone keeps F1 in the news by keeping the rumor mill churning

(GMM) When asked what Liberty Media's plans are for F1, the sport's incoming executive chairman answered: "No more Liberty Media.

"It will be formula one," Chase Carey told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag in Singapore.

Behind the engine noise at the glitzy night race, Carey has been meeting with F1 teams.

"It's incredibly exciting to be here," the American admitted. "It's my first time in formula one."

Bild am Sonntag reports that F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone was with Carey on Friday, but not on Saturday — when Carey met with team bosses.

It is fueling rumors that Ecclestone, 85, is on the verge of quitting.

The Briton's old ally Max Mosley hinted at the potential development in an interview with Sky, and now Ecclestone confirms: "Max knows me very well.

"If by chance things are going what I don't think is the right way – I may well be wrong – then I will disappear for sure," he warned.

According to Speed Week, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff confirmed that talks with Carey have been taking place in Singapore.

"I met him," he said.

"He brings a lot of experience from the US, you can feel that he is very interested in our sport and he said 'I will ask you a lot of questions'.

"I like that — it's the right attitude," Wolff added.


Did Ecclestone tell Malone to F-himself?
Did Ecclestone tell Malone to F-himself?

(GMM) Bernie Ecclestone's future might not be as secure as it was earlier thought.

US media tycoon John Malone, whose 'Darth Vader' nickname was coined by Al Gore, was understood to have signed the F1 supremo to a new three-year deal as he moved to take over the sport's commercial rights from CVC.

But Germany's Auto Bild claims that Ecclestone, 85, and 75-year-old Malone may already have clashed, with the current F1 chief executive now set to vacate his role after November's season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The same report said Malone and Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne are also clashing, with the former wanting to end the fabled Italian team's special annual bonus payments.

"Sue me!" Malone is quoted as having told Marchionne during recent negotiations. "I have the time and the money."

Marchionne not happy about losing Ferrari's favoritism status
Marchionne not happy about losing Ferrari's favoritism status

But not everyone is unhappy with the deal.

Auto Bild said Mercedes chairman Dieter Zetsche is interested in Malone's offer that teams be able to buy into the commercial rights.

Mercedes is said to want 10 per cent, ahead of a forthcoming meeting between Zetsche and his Renault and Ferrari counterparts Carlos Ghosn and Marchionne.

But another top team, Red Bull, is reportedly hesitating.

"We have to think about the price-performance ratio," an official is quoted as saying. "If it is too expensive and with little influence, an engagement would not make sense."

Meanwhile, Bild newspaper reports that Malone's Liberty Media wants race ticket prices to drop dramatically to about EUR 150 million for a weekend pass, whilst adding more European races to the calendar.

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