Honda eyeing Formula E

Formula 1 manufacturer Honda is looking into the possibility of entering Formula E, engine chief Yusuke Hasegawa reveals.

Autosport revealed the news, saying that Hasegawa spoke about the prospect of joining the electronic motorsport series, which started in Oct. 2014.

“Of course there are some possibilities we will join FE," he said to Autosport. “In the company some of the members want to join FE as well."

He said that they weren’t plans yet to make the move and join manufacturers like Renault and more recently Jaguar. While the finance aspect of it wouldn’t be an issue for the company, the worry is that they wouldn’t be able to get the staff needed to run.

“As a technical point of view it is interesting but from a racing point of view it is not attractive yet," Hasegawa goes on to say. He is probably talking about the need to have two cars in the race and a mandatory pit stop to swap machines.

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