Will F1 replace IndyCar in Boston?

Is Ecclestone eyeing Boston?
Is Ecclestone eyeing Boston?

Why did Boston GP CEO John Casey cancel the Boston GP IndyCar race without warning? Were someone's pockets lined?

We know Bernie Ecclestone wants a 2nd F1 race in the USA. Now that the groundwork design and most of the permits have been obtained, has Bernie Ecclestone outfoxed IndyCar and now eyeing to take the Boston GP race from them?

Casey said environmental concerns and the costs associated with them put the promoter in too much financial risk to continue, but he said enough groundwork has been laid for the city to reenter discussions with the sanctioning body.

“Even in our failure we created a fan base and educated Bostonians about IndyCar and Formula One," he said

"and Formula One"…..hmmm….why did he throw that in there?

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