Boston Grand Prix files appeal

AR1 is hearing Boston Grand Prix has appealed last month's Boston Conservation Commission decision requiring the promotion group for the recently canceled Grand Prix of Boston Powered by LogMeIn to obtain certain permits and licenses to begin construction on the race course. The decision, and the litigation process it created, was one of the main factors in BGP canceling the Grand Prix last week. We await official word on the appeal.

So, why the appeal for an event that is not going to take place?

Well, for one, BGP still has a contract to conduct a race in Boston. This could be a protective measure to pursue a race in Boston in 2017. Second, an appeal would theoretically make the rights to the Grand Prix easier to sell, as it would keep a potential race market available to a possible buyer.

Another matter BGP has to deal with is ticket refunds. We hear that some ticket buyers' credit card records list IndyCar Boston (another name for the promotion group) as a "Charitable and Social Service Organization." Hmm…

We also heard from a Citi credit card user that he/she was informed charges cannot be disputed until AFTER the event date.

Anyway, suffice to say, that mess was the Grand Prix of Boston remains just that. And we imagine there is more to come.

AR1 Staff Report

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