What might a Ferrari car look like in 2040?

With all the new technology rolling out together with cars these days, there's very little doubt that being behind the wheel of an automobile will be a very different experience a couple of decades from now. Maybe cars will be safer, easier to use and, hopefully, more fun to drive. Hell, it isn't even a stretch to assume that cars will be driving themselves in a decade or so.

Technology aside, however, what would the cars of the future look like? More specifically, what would tomorrow's sports cars look like? This is the question Ferrari is hoping to answer with its "Top Design School Challenge," a worldwide design contest aimed at providing us with a glimpse of what the Italian carmaker's vehicles might look like by the time 2040 rolls around.

Students from top design schools all across the globe were tasked with incorporating pioneering materials, advanced engineering, eco-sustainability, safety, and their imagination to come up with outstanding 2040 concept cars. And they did not disappoint. The concepts range from sleek and sexy, to sci-fi and high-tech.

The entries have been narrowed down to just 12 finalists, and now it's up to us to decide which one will come out on top. Simply head on over to the challenges Facebook page, browse the entries and then vote for your favorite one–a lot easier said than done considering each unique design seems to stand out and offer something unique. Below are some of the entries from such design schools as Hochschule Pforzheim and Rubika.

What do you think of these concepts?

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