F1 to scrap engine ‘token’ system

Cyril Abiteboul
Cyril Abiteboul

(GMM) F1's complex and controversial engine development 'token' system will be scrapped for 2017.

That was the claim on Wednesday of Cyril Abiteboul, the Renault managing director.

He was speaking at the Renault launch in Paris, taking place hot on the heels of a spate of high-level recent meetings about the future shape of the sport's rules.

The Spanish sports daily Marca quotes Abiteboul as suggesting that the 'token' system, derided by F1 stakeholders and fans alike for being too complex and restrictive, will be scrapped.

"We all agree that an F1 engine governed this way is not good for Mercedes, for Ferrari, for Honda … (not good) for anyone. So we have decided to stop the confusion," said the Frenchman.

Currently, the system means engine manufacturers can only add performance gains to their engines by exchanging a limited number of development 'tokens' with the FIA.

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