Chevy to take Corvette electric

Word about Chevrolet planning an electric variant of the Corvette sports car has popped up again following confirmation General Motors has trademarked the name 'Corvette E-Ray'.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is reporting that GM has filed to trademark both the "Corvette E-Ray" and "E-Ray" monikers.

Both filings concern automobiles and play on the word "Stingray", which adorns the entry-level Corvette C7.

It seems likely that, if Chevrolet were to create a version of the Corvette complete with some form of electrification, it could be dubbed the "E-Ray". It's therefore not surprising that many consider this indirect confirmation of an all-electric Vette being in the works, but there's also a chance it could point towards a plug-in hybrid Corvette.

Given GM's experience with electric powertrains, it wouldn't be all that difficult for it to create an electric or hybrid Corvette, potentially offering even more performance than the range-topping Z06 and rumored but unconfirmed ZR1.

At CES 2016 next month, General Motors could spill the beans on just what these trademarks refer to.

Beyond an electric or hybrid Corvette, it's reported that the General is working on a mid-engined model. This, too, is a rumor that's going on for some time now, but nothing has actually popped up so far.

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