Will VW’s motorsports program be axed because of diesel emissions scandal?

With any chance a VW brand will move to F1 now, Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff doubts that the Volkswagen emissions scandal will lead to the German manufacturer ending its widespread involvement in motorsport.

"The world doesn't stop turning and it doesn't stop turning for them either," explained Wolff. "They have a daily business and part of that daily business is marketing, selling cars, and activating various properties. Motor racing is one of those areas.

"They do Le Mans with two brands, they do rallying with VW, and DTM with Audi. I don't think it is going to have an effect on what they do in motor racing.

"Probably what is the right perspective is that this is much bigger than motor racing. And therefore I don't see any impact on these activities.

"But who am I to speak about VW? I give you my opinion, but I obviously don't know what is happening behind closed doors."

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