IndyCar will not be moving to Fox

Today, an unreliable publication reported that the X1 Group (the group that is looking to do a deal with IndyCar as you read in this exclusive over a week ago) is looking to broadcast IndyCar races on FOX TV., who has far more inside information than the aforementioned other publication, can tell you 100% that the X1 Group will not be looking to move IndyCar TV broadcasts to FOX or any FOX affiliate.

As for what network X1 may be looking at?

Well, just as we held off for months revealing that Liberty Media was involved as to not jeopardize a potential business deal, we believe discretion is the best course of action here. Although, we are privy to the pertinent information, and believe the inaccuracies of the other publication should be highlighted, we will not reveal that information at this time merely for the sake of a scoop.

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