Lotus expects more rumors in Spa paddock

(GMM) Lotus has warned that it will be making no announcements about its future in Belgium next weekend.

It is believed Renault is nearing a decision about its own future in formula one, and the leading theory is that the French carmaker will buy Lotus.

That would mean the Enstone team switching from Mercedes to Renault power, opening up a vacancy for Red Bull to start using German engines next year.

There have also been stories of financial strife emerging from the Lotus camp, including disgruntled technical suppliers taking court action and Pirelli threatening not to release tires.

"This is always part of formula one," said Lotus deputy Federico Gastaldi, "the rumor, intrigue and speculation.

"We can expect all kinds of waffle in the Spa paddock but there's nothing to report from the team. We're focusing on our racing and we're hopeful of a strong result in Spa," he added.

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