Hybrid Cars – They Are The Future

Hybrid cars don't have to look hideous as some do. The Cadillac ELR is arguably the best looking car on the road today.

The term 'Hybrid Cars' is more commonly known as the Hybrid Electric Vehicles, which incorporate two or more power sources. Generally the Hybrid Cars feature an Internal Combustion engine and electric motors. The combination of these two distinct power sources can help the vehicle achieve either the best fuel efficiency or the best performance. The internal combustion fuel engine is fitted with an electronic propulsion system which can be tuned accordingly to produce variable results. Car manufacturing Moguls like Toyota, Lexus and Honda etc are involved in the production of Hybrid cars and have sold millions of these cars worldwide.

Types of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars can be classified in the following 2 major categories.

According To Drive Train

• Parallel Hybrids – The Internal Combustion Engine and the Electric motors are linked to the transmission and can alternatively be used to power the vehicle. The electric motors can be linked to large capacity battery units to operate and drive the vehicle on battery power alone.
• Series Hybrids – The Electric motor is solely utilized to power the vehicle and is connected to a large battery pack. The battery pack is charged by the internal combustion engine that acts as a generator and cannot be used to power the car.
• Power-Split Hybrids – Combining the best of both Parallel and Series hybrids, the Power-split hybrids give the vehicle the fuel-efficiency and performance qualities of both the aforementioned designs.

According To Level of Hybridization

• Full Hybrid – Also known as a Strong Hybrid, the vehicle can run either on the Internal Combustion Engine or the electric motor that is attached to a re-chargeable/replaceable battery pack. The spit power path gives the user more flexibility in the operation of the vehicle under different terrain and environmental conditions.

• Mild Hybrid – While the vehicle cannot be operated on Electric power alone, the hybrid element in such cars is used to enhance the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The electric motor is placed between the engine and the transmission where it serves the function of a torque converter.

Jay Leno tests the plug-in hybrid Cadillac ELR

• Plug-In Hybrids – The Hybrids are pretty much the same in terms of power and performance as the regular hybrids. The differentiating feature of the Plug-in hybrid cars is the use of rechargeable battery units. The batteries can either be charged by the internal combustion engine that is used as a generator, or individually or via the charging plug installed in the vehicle itself.

Benefits of Hybrid Cars

1. In Full-Hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape Hybrid etc., the vehicles can individually run on both battery and engine power. Large units of battery power are required in order to move the car solely on battery power. The electric and the engine power are split and can be used in alternating combination to improve performance or lower the fuel consumption.

2. The Hybrid cars are often built with extremely durable but lightweight materials and the size of the vehicle is usually kept compact. The use of the latest in automobile technology in the Hybrid cars turns off the engine automatically and restarts it as soon as the driver puts the vehicle into gear.

3. The design of the hybrid cars is usually aerodynamic and offers the most stylish of curves with the least amount of air resistance. The least amount of drag coefficient a car accomplishes the more effortlessly the engine power will be distributed to the vehicle enhancing the vehicle’s speed and performance.

4. Driving a Hybrid vehicle not only enhances your persona as you use one of the most technologically advance vehicles, but also makes you a responsible and concerned citizen. The fuel consumption of the Hybrid Vehicles is extremely low along with its low emissions, thus lowering the environmental impact.

5. The best and perhaps the most popular feature of the hybrid cars is the instant torque the engine provides due to the electronically controlled drive train. The Hybrid cars are few of the most convenient cars when it comes to driving. The electric motor delivers an instantaneous torque as soon as you press the accelerator and no engine warm up is required.

With a wide range of fuel regulating and performance enhancing features along with extremely low levels of emissions, the Hybrid Cars are certainly the next phase and future of automobile technology. For more information and deals on Hybrid and other types of cars please visit Tilsun Group.

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