IMS lays off staff, outsources jobs

Question: What is going on at IMS? Rumor swirling Kevin Forbes has been terminated along with numerous other long-term employees. (Steve, Greenwood, Ind.)

Answer: I don't know about other long-term employees, but I know Kevin Forbes no longer works there. I've had a brief exchange with him, but I don't know any details, and I don't expect to learn many given the sensitive nature of these things. Kevin has obviously done great things at IMS as director of engineering for what seems like 20-plus years. He has tremendous institutional knowledge that can't be replaced. He also has an incredible way of explaining technical things, so, suffice it to say, he'll be missed. What's also clear is that Michael Browning's company is in charge from a facilities standpoint. Curt Cavin/Indy Star

[Editor's Note: Forbes worked for the Speedway for 24 years. He has confirmed he is no longer with the Speedway. Was he kicked to the curb because the Speedway has designed its last upgrade prior (under construction now) to the Speedway being sold after the 100th Indy500 in 2016? The France Family are licking their chops.]

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