IMS to add swamp buggy racing

Swamp Buggy Racing in New Orleans

Rumor has it that since IndyCar is not smart enough to end its season on Labor Day weekend at the Indy Speedway oval as a 400-miler that would draw some 200,000 fans and be the grandest finale the series ever had, the speedway has decided to make a mud bog in the infield and bring in Swamp Buggy Racing instead.

Word is that they were so impressed with how well the IndyCars slithered in the swamp land at NOLA and threw up some spectacular mud rooster tails, they can bring in the IndyCars to be swamp buggies for a weekend and put on a great show.

IMS has brought in every other series they can think of in an effort to dilute the aura around the Indy 500, and the only thing missing from their repertoire is swamp buggy racing.

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