McLaren decision to be delayed further?

No word yet on who will drive the second McLaren in 2015

This Eurosport article says that the ongoing saga of who will pair with Fernando Alonso at McLaren remained undecided after a board meeting Thursday in Woking.

Following weeks of deliberation at McLaren about whether or not Button's experience or Magnussen's longer-term potential were best to partner with Fernando Alonso in 2015, all eyes were on the outcome of a board meeting that took place in Woking on Thursday.

However, despite lengthy discussions relating to a host of McLaren issues, a team spokesman confirmed that no agreement was reached on what it would do with its drivers in 2015.

The spokesman said: "Today's board meeting has now concluded, and no decision has been taken with regard to our 2015 driver line-up."

The ongoing delay in McLaren's decision on drivers appears baffling, because the team has been well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both men for some time now – so has all the information it needs to pick the man it thinks will be best.

However, there may be commercial factors at play – as the team bids to secure fresh sponsorship funds to ensure it can make the most of its new era with Honda.

Both drivers appeared at a promotional event in Edinburgh on Thursday for McLaren sponsor Johnnie Walker, and Button made clear that he wanted a decision as quickly as possible.

"I'm now really comfortable, and whatever happens I will have a great year next year," he told the Press Association.

"New challenges are exciting, whether it's in Formula 1 with McLaren alongside an exciting team-mate, or whether it's elsewhere.

"So I'm good, but I just want to get it done. I want to hear the decision – as we all do – so we can all move on in whatever direction."

In the end, Button may decide that he can no longer wait for McLaren to make a decision and could choose to seek a drive elsewhere in motor sport – most likely in sportscars.

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