NJ F1 race won’t happen in Weehawken

Recall our recent rumors that a Jersey City developer has plans to include a F1 track on the site. As for the original Weekawken site, you can pretty much forget about it.

We find ourselves well past the June 2014 date by which Leo Hindery and Bernie Ecclestone assured Formula 1 fans and sponsors they would be enjoying the thrills of F1 with a New York skyline backdrop in Weehawken, NJ.

Interestingly, the latest announcement comes not from Leo Hindery but from Carl Goldberg, CEO of Roseland Properties, a residential developer in New Jersey and owner of the land on which Hindery planned to run the event and locate grandstands and hospitality facilities.

In an interview with the Star Ledger (New Jersey's biggest selling newspaper) when asked about a race in 2015, Goldberg is reported to have said that there was no chance the race could be staged in less than a year, due to a lack of any progress on the course and that Hindery's group has not contacted him in at least six months regarding any roadway or other improvements.

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