Cryptic IndyCar Tweet from Justin Wilson – Cosworth? (2nd Update)

UPDATE #2 Cosworth told that it is continuing to make progress with its efforts to return to IndyCar, and that further meetings with potential manufacturer partners could take place as early as next month.

The company confirmed in February that IndyCar formed part of its plans to return its core focus to motorsport, and while it has already held initial talks with the series, any program would require it to be partnered with an engine manufacturer.

Cosworth marketing director Tom Buckler told AUTOSPORT that conversations with potential affiliates are progressing well.

"We're talking actively to two, potentially three, manufacturers at the moment, and we're in the process of setting up some meetings, hopefully around the [Indy] 500, to take that forward," he said.

"Technically, we know we can do it. We've done it before, and there's not really a doubt in the mind of Bruce Wood, our technical director, that we could design a race-winning engine.

"The business case, we believe, makes sense. We've done analysis, and the exposure the brand would get – not just from winning the 500, but even running the championship – there's a very positive ROI [return on investment] in that."

02/26/14 Cosworth has built a long, established history across open-wheel racing for nearly a half century. But for 2014, a Cosworth engine isn’t on the Formula One grid, and for the seventh consecutive year isn’t in an IndyCar.

That could soon change.

In an exclusive interview with Cosworth Automotive CEO Hal Reisiger, an American who headed Cosworth’s U.S. companies and in the last year has advanced to be the head of the company in the U.K., plans are in the works for a return to at least one of the two championships – potentially both.

When asked by MotorSportsTalk whether IndyCar’s current 2.2L V6 turbocharged engine formula would portend a Cosworth return, Reisiger said it’s something they’re working on.

“We are committed to aligning ourselves with an OEM for an IndyCar engine program," Reisiger said.

He confirmed he’ll have meetings next week on the possibility, and said it’s something they’re keenly interested in.

“I think that IndyCar wants it, the teams want it; they want another entrant other than the Chevy Ilmor and the Honda and miss having the Lotus engine," Reisiger said.

“We have set a target and a goal of finding an OEM engine partner for an IndyCar. It’s something that’s very high on the list of priorities, and we have the support of IndyCar ourselves in doing so."

“There had been some design work, simulation and analysis done by our engineering staff and there had been some discussions, some of which were fairly recent, about whether there wasn’t a team or teams plural that were willing to sponsor the development," Reisiger explained.

“But given the scope of the work and budget that’s required, it wasn’t something Cosworth was prepared to undertake independently. If one of those discussions came to fruition, and they still take place, it’s still something we’d be interested in that we’d need to be in collaboration and partnership with an OEM or team or teams." NBC Sports

02/26/14 Positive things happening with @IndyCar. @27villeneuve joining for the 500 is great and I hear there is more good news in the pipeline.

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