Haas F1 team to use Dallara Chassis

NASCAR team boss Gene Haas is eying a tie-up with renowned single-seater constructor Dallara to build a car for his entry into the 2015 Formula 1 world championship.

"We're not looking to start our own shop," Haas confirmed when asked by AUTOSPORT if he was looking for a partner to design and build a car for him.

"We've had preliminary talks with Dallara and they're ready to go.

"They have a complete facility, they're experienced, [and] they've been involved in racing forever as far as I can remember.

"It would be insurmountable to say we going to figure out how to build a chassis by ourselves and hire all the people in nine months.

"We're going to have to compromise on what we do with construction of the car and acquire whatever we can."

Haas said the ultimate goal was to learn enough for his team to become a constructor in its own right.

"We want to learn," he added. "We're not going to just go over there and say 'build us a chassis', we want to put people in there to learn the processes because ultimately our goal is to become a constructor.

"Our [first] car is not going to be the Haas Formula car entirely, a lot of the technology will come from our partners to begin with.

"But we'll learn and figure it out and eventually the car will evolve into our own.

"We can beat the Europeans at their own game." Autosport.com

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