IndyCar to return to MIS?  Don’t turn blue holding your breath

Even though it was NASCAR that was at Michigan International Speedway Wednesday for a Goodyear tire test, the talk quickly turned to the IndyCar series.

When he was recently in Windsor, IndyCar driver Ryan Briscoe suggested that perhaps since its repave two years ago, MIS might be too fast a surface for open-wheel racing.

“It would be a very high-speed oval," MIS president Roger Curtis agreed, but regardless of that opinion, talks continue between MIS and IndyCar to try and find a way to bring the series back to the two-mile oval.

"There’s been a lot of talks between both sides off and on over the last few years, including this winter, to see if we can work something out," Curtis said. "I still remain optimistic."

"If we did come up with a business model that worked for both sides, I think it would still be essential that there would be testing here before IndyCar ever raced here again," Curtis said.

If IndyCar wants to return to MIS, race in front of the massive empty grandstands, and look like a big loser to any sponsor, then MIS is the place for them. Given NASCAR attendance is also down, perhaps these NASCAR tracks can make their seats with pop-up dummies – when the seat is empty a dummy with a waving hand pops up and every time a car goes buy the dummy screams.

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