Bernie’s Ex A Spy?

Slavica in white with Bernie and their two daughters

Bernie Ecclestone’s ex-wife allegedly worked for Yugoslavian secret service (UDBA), and may have some information about Stjepan Djurekovic, Croatian media report.

Slavica Radic Ecclestone is allegedly connected with the murder of one of the directors of Zagreb’s “INA" Stjepan Djurekovic , whom, according to Croatian media, she has been seeing a month before his murder.

The story of Slavica Radic and her association with notorious UDBA emerged late in 1997, in the then Imperialtabloid, when her ex-boyfriend Momir Blagojevic presented intriguing data and the whole national leadership, headed by President Tudjman, reacted.

In fact, at the time, Bernie Ecclestone’s wife Slavica urged him to bring Formula 1 to Croatia, to the Grobnik , which was especially convenient for the female part of the family of the first Croatian president, wife Ankica and daughter Nevenka Tudjman, because Nevenka’s son Sinisa Kosutic had great ambition to drive in Formula 1.

And right in the midst of these negotiations in which was actively involved and the then president of the Croatian government and longtime intimus of Slavica Ekleston, Zlatko Matesa, appeared in an interview to the Imperial, along with Slavica’s ex-boyfriend Blagojevic.

In the interview, Momir Blagojevic, as a former senior official of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rijeka, explicitly stated that Slavica Radic was an associate of UDBA, Rijeka’s branch.

She was recruited, as he claims, by the inspector of Rijeka’s UDBA Marin Modric, who is suspected by the German police of involvement in the murder of Stjepan Djurekovic.

Momir Blagojevic, in an interview to Imperial, published on November 14 1997, said: "She was cooperating with UDBA since 1982, and I, sadly, talked her into it. We used to go out together constantly, but I was already enough with her constant hitting on other men in my presence. I just wanted her to go abroad again, because, far from my sight, out of my mind. Each time, she would get the passport thanks to the bed, since she was sleeping with the head of the passport department. However, since that year, as the head of the passport department, a woman came, a certain Marija. Slavica was clear that her way of getting a passport can not be applied to Marija. Then, I instructed her to cooperate with UDBA."

She worked as a model and mannequin, often for well-known companies, including “Armani", when she met an English billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and married him.

She got a ring worth GBP 1.5 million. When, however, she divorced her husband Bernie, she got USD 1.6 billion. The entire capital of the company and all the other Bernie Ecclestone’s companies were prescribed to his wife, who is also an owner of a fashion house, RTS reported. inserbia news

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