Don’t hold your breath for an IndyCar race in Austin

Question: You said you think IndyCar will be at COTA in 2015. I thought F1 and IndyCar avoided the same tracks in the same year to avoid comparisons. Also, isn’t Bernie Ecclestone famously defensive of F1’s turf? (Jim, East Granby, Conn.)

Answer #1 (Curt Cavin, Indy Star): I haven’t seen the contract, but I’m told COTA can have an IndyCar race if it wants one.

Answer #2 (Mark Cipolloni, With the massive grandstands built in Austin for the F1 crowd, why does IndyCar want to embarrass itself racing in front of 75% empty seats? Besides, although it may have been missed in the contract, it will be a cold day in hell before Bernie allows IndyCar to race in Austin. CART tried that in Montreal. It started out a big success the first year, until things happened behind the scenes that ensured the race failed thereafter. Ecclestone is very protective not to allow any racing at the same track that might diminish F1 ticket and hospitality sales. Remember the rules Bernie got the FIA to pass over the years to hinder CART stepping on F1s turf?

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