More Indy 500 gimmicks (Update)


A reader writes, Dear, Is there nothing these people won't try to ruin? How about sending out a survey to the ticket holders of the 500. A few questions to the people that in the end pay the bills. Should we stand on tradition that brings back people year after year? The race is a hundred years old. People look forward to the pilgrimage to Indianapolis every year because of the traditions they enjoy. The Indianapolis is sewn in the fabric of America.

What will be next, Jim Nabors gone, sorry military your out, the list goes on and on. Mr. Miles lets see if they will cover the grass courts at Wimbledon with asphalt, maybe you understand that tradition. The management at IndyCar and IMS have tried to trash everything else about the sport we love, can't you leave the 500 alone.

Mr. Hulman gave you the blueprint for the most successful single day sporting event in the world, don't screw it up. If they change the format at Indianapolis I will be convinced they all work for the France family, nobody can make this many bad business decisions. Regards, Jerry M. Topeka, KS

11/11/13 Pole day for the Indianapolis 500 could be a day later than in the past, Mark Miles confirmed today.

Miles, the CEO of Hulman & Co., which owns IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway, said his staff is working on a plan that would have the No. 1 starting position decided in the final minutes of qualifying weekend, which in 2014 would be May 18.

Throughout most of the 500’s history, pole day was reserved for the first qualifying day.

Miles said the potential change is based on a general desire to strengthen the 500’s events. That includes IndyCar’s first road race at IMS on May 10 and having two meaningful days of qualifying for the 500 (May 17-18).

Although not official yet, Miles likes the idea of all the cars qualifying on Saturday, May 17, with the Sunday session reserved for setting the order of those cars.

The fastest nine from Saturday would take part in a lineup-setting session at the end of Sunday’s action, and that’s when the pole position would be determined.

“I think the idea of culminating (qualifying) at the end of the day makes a lot of sense," he said.

Miles said he told IndyCar teams about the possible changes at last month’s IndyCar race in Houston.

Miles acknowledged that qualifying both days will be taxing on the teams, but he said there could be financial incentives. Indy Star

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