Dragon Racing to shutter IndyCar team

According to AR1.com sources, Jay Penske has decided to shutdown the Dragon Racing IndyCar team and do Formula E only. If true (still unconfirmed) it was probably due to the team’s inability to land sponsors (Dragon had McAfee and TrueCar – are both leaving IndyCar too). Why? Because TV ratings are so low. Why are they so low? Because the owners of IndyCar prefer to pocket the NBC Sports Network check instead of putting all the races on ABC so teams can land sponsorship and not have to rely on ride-buyers and free handouts (Leader Circle).

How many examples does AR1.com have to give to underscore decisions that are being made are pennywise and pound foolish? Meanwhile sponsors are dropping like flies and the series being run into the ground.

Does anyone out there long for the CART days. Please raise your hand.

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