IndyCar prepared to replace F1 in NJ for fraction of the cost (2nd Update)

UPDATE #2 As soon as a rumor surfaced on that IndyCar would be more than happy to take the NJ race at a small fraction of the cost Bernie wants to bring Formula One to town, his tune all of a sudden changed. Ecclestone, who is a master at playing one race promoter against another to extract the maximum fee for F1, knows that IndyCar could replace F1 in NJ in a heartbeat and the promoter would actually have a chance of not going bankrupt.

08/23/13 Headquartered in lower Manhattan, Verizon would have a real interest in sponsoring the NJ IndyCar race right across the Hudson River. Verizon sponsors Roger Penske's IndyCar driven by Will Power and recall Roger almost made a CART IndyCar race a reality on the streets of Manhattan with Marlboro as a sponsor. However, the anti-tobacco movement killed that race. The Verizon Grand Prix of New Jersey has a good ring to it, but they might have to fight Honda and Chevy for that title.


IndyCar will put on a fantastic show with Manhattan as a backdrop and the promoter will actually be able to turn a profit instead of losing their shirt with F1

Rumor has it that if approached, IndyCar will be happy to race on the streets of NJ overlooking Manhattan for a small fraction of what Bernie Ecclestone wants to bring F1 to NJ (see related story – Bernie says race is off).

Ecclestone reportedly wants $30 million per year to bring the F1 circus to town. Given so much money was invested in the NJ event already, but they do not have enough money to meet Bernie's demands, IndyCar would be more than happy to bring their series to town for under $5 million per year.

This is a no-brainer and a NJ IndyCar race can be on the 2014 calendar if they move quickly. It would be spectacular. Recall IndyCar replaced F1 in Long Beach and F1 never came back, and it never will come back at today's asking price.

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