Reprieve for pit-lane speedsters

Motorsport's governing body, the FIA, has agreed to do away with pit-lane speeding fines, according to a report.

Earlier this month the Grand Prix Drivers' Association sought clarification from the FIA as to why drivers were still being fined for speeding in the pit lane when a deal agreed for an increase in super-licence fees was supposed to have stopped financial penalties.

The Sporting Regulations, though, state that drivers must be fined $200 for every kilometer per hour they are over the speed limit.

However, according to Autosport 'a compromise deal has been reached whereby teams are now fined instead of the drivers for pit-lane offences.

'Furthermore, the scale of the fines has been adjusted. For every kilometer per hour over the limit, teams will be given a $100 fine instead – with a maximum limit of $1000 imposed.'

The changes came into effect at the Bahrain Grand Prix and Kimi Raikkonen was one of the first to benefit as Lotus copped a $1000 fine when the Finn went over the speeding limit during second practice in Spain.

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