Chevy testing 2014 IndyCar aero kits

UPDATE It took getting through multiple false starts and a pair of protests from the paddock, but reports the long-awaited Indy car aero kits will finally debut in 2014.

But not everywhere.

The new Indy car bodies, designed by Wirth Research and Honda Performance Development for Honda, and Pratt & Miller and GM Racing for Chevy, will only be allowed in the Triple Crown events at Indianapolis, Pocono and Fontana.

The rest of the schedule will conform to the spec Dallara DW12 body that has been in place since 2012.

It’s believed that Honda favored a limited program and GM, which has been rumored to have a high-downforce kit it built, wanted to run the kits everywhere and there was a meeting in Indianapolis late last week with IndyCar technical chief Will Phillips and both manufacturers.

Except for the fact GM chose not to attend.

Asked Sunday morning about the plans for aero kits next season Phillips said: “We are continuing to work on it and IndyCar does want aero kits."

HPD technical director Roger Griffiths says he's looking forward to the next step in the aero kit process.

"Our vision is aligned with that of IndyCar; we believe it's the right step and focuses on the highest profile races," he remarked.

Reactions to the limited aero kit introduction was met with different viewpoints.

"I'm befuddled by this," says Panther Racing team owner John Barnes, whose team uses Chevy power.

"If you're going to do it, let's do it. I'm not sure it makes any financial sense to go through all the effort and expense to make the kits, but only use them for three races. If they are making them, I'd want them for the whole season. Otherwise, we'll be maintaining two different sets of bodywork–from Dallara and from our manufacturer–and the costs and time to prepare that bodywork between races is significant."

05/07/13 According to a tweet from Penske Racing President Tim Cindric Chevy has begun testing IndyCar aero kits. When asked if Penske Racing was testing aero kits Cindric responded, "Nope. Chevy is though."

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