Is IndyCar in Kentucky Speedway’s future?

Kentucky Speedway held its Ford Fan Day on Saturday. As part of the event, which benefited from more hospitable weather this year, general manager Mark Simendinger fielded questions from fans during two town hall-like sessions in the press box.

Simendinger again raised the possibility of the IndyCar Series someday returning to Kentucky Speedway.

"I would see them coming back at some point in time. I'm not sure when that point in time would be because that’s a series that’s kind of working on its mix of ovals versus road courses and they’ve got a management change there. They’re dealing with kind of the economic model of what they’re races are going to be and how much money they’re going to charge tracks and all that kind of stuff. So I think that stuff has to get worked out, but I could see the IndyCar Series coming back here."

Kentucky Speedway was an annual stop for the IndyCar Series for 12 seasons, and IndyCar routinely produced some of the best racing (and closest finishes) of any series that visited the track.

But the race suffered from dwindling attendance and the lack of a title sponsor in its final years. The partnership ended after the 2011 season when the sides were unable to reach an agreement as the speedway negotiated and landed a second NASCAR Nationwide Series race.

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