IndyCar to race at Mugello, Imola or Monza?  Never!


F1 will race at Mugello before IndyCar, which is an inward facing domestic series

Fernando Alonso reckons the Mugello Circuit is "more than prepared" to host a Formula 1 race in the future, with the Ferrari driver revealing that of all the available options for an extra Grand Prix, the Italian venue stands out as his firm favorite.

The track staged a three-day Formula 1 test last year, with all teams bar the now defunct HRT in attendance. Feedback was largely positive at the end of the gathering and Alonso is certain that it is capable of living up to the sport's high standards.

"I would love to race at Mugello," Alonso commented during a Twitter Q&A. "I know the circuit well and it’s more than prepared, in every aspect, to be on the calendar."

Alonso’s view supports that of Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, who last year said it would be "a dream come true" if a Grand Prix could be held at the track.

"Mugello has always been a demanding and spectacular track for those who tackle it, be they on two or four wheels, but it is also now recognized as being one of the most cutting edge facilities in the world, from every point of view," he stated. "It would be a dream come true to one day also see a Formula 1 race take place at Mugello…"

Aside from the staging of last year's sole in-season Formula 1 test, Mugello has welcomed the MotoGP fraternity on an annual basis since the 1994 campaign.

02/17/13 It appears the Mugello website was in error and there will be no IndyCar race there in 2013.

02/11/13 The Mugello website has listed an IndyCar race for September 15, 2013.

10/25/12 AUTOSPORT magazine reports that the IZOD IndyCar Series will host its first race in Italy next year, with Monza, Imola and Mugello vying for the race.

Rumors of an Italian race have circulated for some time, but the AUTOSPORT report is the first to claim a deal has been agreed. Dr. Paola Mannetti, a spokesman for the organizing committee behind the race, told AUTOSPORT that a deal has been agreed with IndyCar for a race next September.

IndyCar released a schedule of 2013 events last month that left a month open between the Baltimore street race on Sept. 1 and the double-header rounds at Houston on Oct. 5-6.

"I can confirm that Italy will have a round of the 2013 IndyCar Series, and that the race has been fixed for September," Mannetti told AUTOSPORT. "We cannot tell which circuit will be used, because there are options, but the choice is now imminent."

Monza appears to be the most unlikely choice as its Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix is also run in September (Sept. 8). However, that track is the only Italian circuit to have hosted an Indy car race to date, having hosted the "Race of Two Worlds" in 1957-'58 for the F1 and Indy cars of the era, at a time when its famous banked section was still in use.

Mugello hosted an F1 open test earlier this year, while Imola was the site of F1's San Marino Grand Prix from 1981 through 2006.

10/16/12 See related rumor.

10/11/12 The mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, acknowledged Wednesday that a seafront layout was proposed by local entrepreneurs, but it has been rejected by city officials. However, Magistris was quoted in the Il Mattino newspaper as saying that the city officials “have not denied other places" in town.

10/10/12 As this rumor is getting more serious now, we've done some research about the man behind this and his company and in doing so also found that IndyCar is eyeing a race in Napoli, Italy as well.

Some further information about Paolo Scudieri, CEO of Adler Group and initiator of the IndyCar race at Mugello from next year onwards:

Paolo Scudieri

Paolo Scudieri:

When Italy Exports Technology: A Talk With Paolo Scudieri, CEO of Adler Group
Italian Industrialist Paolo Scudieri To Receive Award at NIAF Gala in Washington, D.C.

Adler Group
Address and phone number:
Adler clients: (bottom)

Paolo Scudieri

Note: We also found an article about a possible IndyCar race in or around Naples, Italy, but because the street circuit could not be ready in time, they will race at Mugello for now. We also found that Salerno, Italy is trying to steal the race away.

We ran it through Google Translate and found discussions and planning of both these event(s) in Italy have been going on for a long time.

Google Translate Version of Italian Article:
Naples Americans want to Formula Indy, competition with spectacular super-fast machines such as Formula 1. U.S. organizers are determined and aim to set up a street circuit in the shadow of Vesuvius to follow the race spectators from the balconies, as is the case in Monte Carlo. Everything in the evocative and unique in the Gulf of Naples, the same that has enchanted fans of the America's Cup and the public of the Davis Cup. It was actually the U.S. to contact local government, last July. Since then have followed meetings and meetings with the governor Stefano Caldoro, the regional Planning Marcello Taglialatela, Mayor Luigi de Magistris, the city councilor Luigi De Falco.

The negotiations, however, have not produced the desired results, at least for 2013. The design of the waterfront is still ongoing and it is too early to organize an event as complex, explained at Palazzo San Giacomo posing as alternative venue Ponticelli, which is not agreement was reached. But the Americans wanted at all costs Campania. And so the region has attempted to hijack the event to Salerno.

Again, however, the ongoing work on the new promenade for the construction of the Freedom Square were sent up in smoke, at least for now, the ambitious project. The Indy, however, will remain in Italy: the event – the first of its kind in Europe – will take place next September at the Mugello circuit for the will of the Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. Naples The appointment of Indy , however, is only postponed: the objective is to keep the festival in 2014 right in between the curves towns. And you're working around the clock to center. In the figure above the field Taglialatela councilor, who had the first idea and who has sought and obtained the support of entrepreneurs Paul Squires and Paul Pagliara and world champion of football, Fabio Cannavaro. Naples confirms temple of sport. After the America's Cup, the Davis Cup, the beach volleyball tournaments, the acrobatic performances of the samples in the NBA and waiting for the Tour of Italy, now it's car racing. And this time for free. You do not have to pay any fee to the organizers, unlike what happened with the America's Cup in this case will be the Americans to do something concrete for the city: it reflects on the redevelopment of streets and squares affected by the event, the redesign of buildings and monuments, enhanced lighting. No problem, then, in terms of authorizations for the OK from the Superintendent already exists: the condition is that, as in the America's Cup and the tennis stadium, mobile infrastructure are removed when the last event. It has also passed the rock of a stone paving: it is not historical, may be covered with asphalt. "This is an event that can bring new wealth and prestige to the city – said Taglialatela, contacted by the Morning – I find it so incomprehensible indecision of council and the mayor. However, this race would not entail economic costs, would indeed Americans to take charge of the works of refreshment and finance environmental infrastructure projects. I hope, then, that we can finally reaching accelerate at a rapid pace, to reach agreement with the organizers that can not wait. " According to the Regional Minister "there is no risk of wasting time and energy: the will of the IndyCar is clear, you just have to go along, and the project is already at an advanced stage. Americans fell in love with Naples and hope to set up a street circuit here. That's why they signed up for the Mugello exclusively for the stage in 2013 and that is why one of the protagonists of the organization stand several Neapolitans. There are two more years. We can not miss this opportunity – he adds – Many things have been resolved and now the road is downhill. "

Campania: The area where the 'Americans' want to have an IndyCar race: (according to the article above …).
See also:

Naples poll in local newspaper: Indy on the waterfront, do you like the idea?

Yes 69.3%
No 29.5%
I do not know 1.2%

To be continued …

10/09/12 This rumor is upgraded to 'strong' today in that it is 'fact' they are talking, but 'speculation' as to whether a race would actually happen. IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard admitted the series has had talks with the principals at the 3.2-mile, 15-turn Italian circuit, along with other potential sites.

"We've had discussions with a variety of potential promoters and that includes initial, exploratory discussions with Mugello," Bernard told on Tuesday afternoon.

The 2013 IZOD IndyCar schedule has a hole from Sept. 1 to Oct. 9 so Italy could be slotted in but time is running out to do anything for next year.

10/07/12 IndyCar at Mugello in 2013! This is the morning headline in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. We just rolled our eyes. How is it possible? The story says a businessman plans to bring IndyCar to Italy and a letter of understanding was agreed to. They must reach a final agreement for a September race at Mugello for three years (2013-2015) with the price tag around 10 million dollars per season.

But who is this businessman and why would spend huge amounts of money to bring IndyCar in Italy when Roger Penske will likely nix the idea anyway – he always badmouths any foreign race IndyCar tries.

The businessman is supposedly the CEO of Adler, 8,000 employees, that has offices in Europe, Asia and America, which specializes in plastic and rubber components for the transportation industry – from cars to airplanes, trains to boats. Moreover, the CEO is also a hobby driver, participating in races with the 500 Abarth. His company works for the Fiat group to produce carbon parts.

Ferrari, owner of the track, was informed of the project and said they would not stand in the way of the race happening. It would make even more sense if Fiat, who owns Ferrari and other Italian brands, would finally agree to do an IndyCar engine as has been long rumored.

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