India to get 2nd F1 race?

Rumor has it that Bernie Ecclestone "has been in talks about hosting a second Indian Grand Prix to improve the sport's chances of gaining a foothold in such a large country."

India's population of 1.2 billion makes it the world's second-most populous country after China. However, whilst China's interest in F1 has not run much deeper than its Grand Prix, India "had fielded two drivers and a team before it even had a race."

The Indian Grand Prix is only in its second year, and like many new races it has seen declining attendance. Ironically, its fortunes "could be boosted by there being another race in the country." Last month Ecclestone admitted that "a second race in India is a possibility." He said, "There's one or two places I have had a word with which could work." However, Ecclestone added that a second race "will only get the green light if attendance at the first race does not continue to decline" PIT PASS

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