Viso follows Conway, retires?

UPDATE A reader adds, Dear, And to think, the Champ Cars were going around this track 10 years ago at over 240 mph average. Crowds were over 90,000. Real men. Real racing. Then Tony George thought he had a better idea. We all know how that turned out. And now we have an inferior designed diabolical handling Dallara beast that spooks the drivers at 215 mph and they will be lucky to get 30,000 in the stands, and a 0.2 TV rating. Mordichai Rosen, Los Angeles, CA

E.J. Viso

09/14/12 IMS Radio is reporting that EJ Viso Tweeted that if the downforce formula isn't changed for this weekend, he's vacating his seat for the race.

Earlier in the week Mike Conway "retired" from oval races.

According to IMS, Viso has agreed to at least try the evening practice session to see if he might feel more comfortable when the sun goes down.

Viso is normally very visible in the paddock, but has been conspicuous by his absence today. Viso qualified 22nd, some 6 mph slower than the pole speed.

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