How convenient


Small crowd for NASCAR Nationwide race

AR1 reply to Mordichai Rosen, Assuming your conspiracy theory is right, NASCAR computer generating the grid to sell more tickets did not work. The photo to the right shows the grandstands 5 minutes before the start of the Nationwide race. It appears this race may not have a future. Note all the people with the same colored shirts, meaning they are probably there for free from some sponsor/hospitality.

08/18/12 Add Danica Patrick to the mix. As ratings and attendance are dwindling they need to have her up front. When she starts in the back moving forward is not her best attribute. Still blaming others for almost every miscue she makes. Now with her being upfront let’s see what happens. JFS, Albrightsville, PA

08/17/12 A reader writes, Dear, How convenient. A Canadian on pole in Montreal for the NASCAR Nationwide race. The NASCAR computers are hard at work again this weekend to ensure maximum ticket sales. Nothing against Alex Tagliani, he certainly is a good open wheel driver. But to come in and sit on pole with minimum stock car experience this year is just too transparent. Another Canadian, Villeneuve, is right up there too. Mordichai Rosen, LA, California

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