F1 stepped nose to stay

(GMM) F1 fans might need to get used to the unseemly sight of this year's 'stepped noses'.

Earlier this week, we reported FIA race director Charlie Whiting's quote that he is "aware of the dissatisfaction of the fans" about the questionable physical appearance of the field of 2012.

With the exception of McLaren and Marussia, every car on the grid this year features an odd 'step' in the nose profile; the result of a safety regulation compromise.

But although Whiting has discussed the situation with team technical directors, Germany's Auto Motor und Sport reports that the proposed solution for 2013 will not be mandatory.

Rather, teams will be allowed to smooth the 'step' with what the German publication refers to as a "structurally irrelevant" covering or layer.

But the report by journalist Tobias Gruner insisted there is no guarantee the teams will actually take the bait.

"Most probably we have to get used to the step," Sauber designer Matt Morris agreed. "I assume they will stay just the same for next season."

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