All F1 teams have signed Concorde

Bernie Ecclestone has all but confirmed that the twelve Formula 1 teams have signed the latest version of the Concorde Agreement, committing themselves to the World Championship up to and including the 2020 season. However Mercedes-Benz, which was widely known not to have agreed thus far, is yet to verify the news itself.

With the Concorde binding the teams, commercial rights holder Ecclestone and motorsport governing body the FIA, the latest version is set to come into force for 2013. It is believed Mercedes was yet to sign up as it disagreed with financial percentages handed out to the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull.

In Spain, Mercedes head Norbert Haug could not specify reasons but confirmed that the company was yet to sign up “Well we’ve just got all of the current teams to sign up until 2020 and then, hopefully, another ten years after that and then forever," Ecclestone told CNN World Sport in Monaco. “Everybody has agreed with it."

When specifically quizzed over whether Mercedes has also agreed, he replied:

“You will have to wait to see if Mercedes have. I am confident that everything with Mercedes will be fine."

Then asked if the previous worries over the German car manufacturer have now been dispelled, Ecclestone simply summed up:


If Mercedes has now signed the latest Concorde document, parent company Daimler-Benz AG is likely to make an official statement in due course.

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