Tony George broke?

This comes from an anonymous source, and hence is deemed a rumor until proven true:

Apparently Tony George held a garage sale recently at his 8000 Spring Mill resident.

A magnificent piece of property, completed fenced with horse pastures and a magnificent long drive leading to an equally impressive house.

The sale was in the horse barn, which is larger than my first two houses and in some respects nicer!

Sure enough, there was Tony George standing outside where there were racks of clothing, hats, t-shirts and other racing and non racing items. Believe it nor not, his wife Laura, was inside acting as cashier.

Both were pleasant and gracious. We came home with some treasures.

We two large, custom monogrammed IRL logo teacups – one with Tony's name and one for his wife Laura.

There other big ticket items, included Zero Halliburton briefcases, a Heuer watch, two other big bucks ladies designer watches, a four-runner, small motorcycle, exercise equipment and more.

Oh yes, the house. It's likely 7500 square feet. Anton said they are downsizing. He carefully explained to me that they are keeping the pool, workout area and gazebo but tearing down the house, to be replaced by a smaller one. Ed and Tony III are also going to build homes there on the property.

So, the question begs, why is someone like him, with enough money to tear down one mansion to build another, having a garage sale, unless it is true that his sisters and mother cut him out of the family fortunes after spending so much family money to destroy CART, the best open wheel series America ever had? We didn't ask. Go figure.

The legacy of the man who nearly destroyed IndyCar racing continues………… Anonymous

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