Updated Ferrari to take cues from Sauber

(GMM) Ferrari is planning to follow Sauber's lead when the first major development of the disappointing F2012 car is unveiled soon.

"No doubt about it," Fernando Alonso said after winning the Malaysian grand prix, "they (Sauber) were quicker than us."

The Italian magazine Autosprint have mischievously christened the updated Ferrari a 'Ferrauber', explaining that the rear of the 'B' F2012 will be very similar to Sauber's impressive C31.

Right at the end of the pre-season test period, Red Bull rolled out a Sauber-esque solution at the rear of Adrian Newey's 2012 car, the RB8.

In the wake of the blown diffuser clampdown, the Sauber exhaust layout reportedly flies close to breaching the spirit of the 2012 rules, but the FIA has declared it legal.

"We are not in a position to be able to say exactly how much aerodynamic influence each individual system has," said the governing body's technical delegate Charlie Whiting.

"Hence, it's impossible for us to say 'That's too much, or that's ok'. The aim of the new regulation was to ensure that we don't have to do that," he explained.

So, Ferrari looks to be the next in line to copy Sauber's rear solution, particularly as the small Swiss team already uses Ferrari's engine and gearbox.

It is believed the new 2012 Ferrari gearbox is narrower than last year's unit.

Autosprint reports that the F2012 'Ferrauber' will also be similar to the Sauber in the area of the sidepods.

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