IndyCar to add 1 or 2 races to 2012 schedule

The Izod IndyCar Series will present its “State of the Sport" address on Feb. 13 in Indianapolis, but CEO Randy Bernard provided a peak at some of the topics facing the sport. They include:

The addition of more races to the 2012 schedule: “I would expect one [more], and there's a possibility of two," he said. The Milwaukee Mile and a new street race in Fort Lauderdale have been mentioned as those two. Bernard said the Fort Lauderdale project doesn't need to be rushed, and the return to Milwaukee hinges in part on local and state financial support. “If we give [Milwaukee] up this time, it will be the last time," he said.

On possible races in Orlando and Houston: Bernard said that while he met with enthusiastic officials of the Orlando Visitors Bureau, Walt Disney World Speedway needs “pretty expensive maintenance," including SAFER barriers. Houston, he said, likely will be on IndyCar's schedule “very soon."

On the car count for this season: “We've seen engine contracts and we know for a fact that there have been 27 engine contracts signed, and we know that two or three teams haven't made that jump yet. If those come through you're right there at 30," Bernard said.

On the Baltimore Grand Prix being held in 2012 despite the city severing ties with the Baltimore Racing Development group: A new promoter will be selected, Bernard said, based on “which promoter is going to do the best job for IndyCar and our sport." AutoWeek

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