Castroneves to be fined like Tracy


Castroneves said Brian Barnhart is a Circus Clown

This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' with today's announcement by IndyCar.

09/23/11 For expressing himself like Paul Tracy, Helio Castroneves could be paying like Paul Tracy.

IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard fined Tracy $50,000 in July for suggesting on Twitter that Bernard manipulated the officiating at Toronto.

Bernard indicated Thursday that Castroneves faces similar sanctions for remarks made about IndyCar's chief steward, Brian Barnhart, after the Brazilian was moved to the end of the lead lap for passing under caution in last weekend's Japan race.

Castroneves called Barnhart "a circus clown," an interesting choice of words since that's what Tracy called former Champ Car chief steward Chris Kneifel a decade ago after, ironically, Castroneves made contact with Tracy at a race in Monterey, Calif.

Castroneves said on Twitter that Barnhart lacks consistency with his calls, and he should be replaced as chief steward. Then Castroneves backed it up in a column he writes for a Sao Paulo newspaper.

"I said mine on TV in the heat of the moment," Tracy said Thursday of the Kneifel situation. "Helio had time to sit and think about it, and write it himself."

Bernard took notice and said such public criticism of authority by the competitors can't be tolerated.

"I think Helio's comments were completely ridiculous," he said. "If he wants consistency, go back and see what Paul Tracy paid for what he said (about the officiating). It was $50,000.

"I think what Helio said was uncalled for, and it was unnecessary." IndyStar

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