No title sponsor for Baltimore Grand Prix

The inaugural Izod IndyCar Series Baltimore Grand Prix "doesn't have a title sponsor and organizers said they will probably celebrate at the finish line without one." Baltimore Racing Development President Jay Davidson said that offers have been received for the Sept. 4 race, though they "have either 'undercut' the asking price of $800,000 to $1 million or the asking party hasn't been the right fit for the Grand Prix." Davidson said, "I'm not going to act like it's inconsequential. It would make things easier for us. (But) it's not something we're going to give away just to say we have one." Jackson reports race organizers are 15-20 sponsors "short of their goal of 35 to 40, and as much as 35 percent short of what they expected to raise in sponsorship cash." The race's goal is for sponsorships "to total 20 percent of the event's revenue in year one." Honda Grand Prix at St. Petersburg VP & GM Tim Ramsberger said, "It's obviously going to be something they've got to address going forward, but I don't think it's going to prevent them from putting on a good show in September" Baltimore Business Journal

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