Is Alfa Romeo for sale?

Volkswagen sure does seem set on adding Alfa Romeo to the group and already has plans for the brands development, should VW get it from Fiat. Despite Fiat repeatedly saying that Alfa is not for sale, VW has already planned the development for the Italian brand.

The rumors say that Alfa would get direct assistance from Porsche in the form of the new flat-four engine that is currently under development. This engine would then be used in mainstream Alfas, helping to set the cars apart from other brands within the VW stable.

It is said that Volkswagen views Alfa as a potential key asset in its quest to becoming the largest car manufacturer in the world by 2018. It also believes that with its help, Alfa’s annual sales could quadruple.

However Fiat has repeatedly insisted that Alfa is not for sale. “We shut the door in their (VW) faces and nor they’re trying to get through the window," said a Fiat spokesman.

This does not seem to be getting in the way of VW’s plans and it still seems set on added the Italian marquee to its range. Time will tell how this is all going to pan out.

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