Is VW power in works for Red Bull team?

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false' today. Volkswagen has delivered a fresh blow to speculation the German giant is eyeing a foray in formula one. The dominant Red Bull Racing had positioned as an ideal carmaker partner for the Wolfsburg-based group, but Ulrich Hackenberg ruled out F1 as well as NASCAR.

"Nothing for us," the brand's head of technical development is quoted by Reuters, referring to both premier motor racing classes.

"I should know what I am talking about, since it would come out of my budget."

It is, however, rumored that VW could announce a foray in the world rally championship at the Dakar rally celebrations later this month.

01/05/11 Christian Horner and Dietrich Mateschitz have dropped hints that Red Bull could be preparing for a move away from Renault engines in the coming years – with the possibility that the F1 title winners could switch to VW power.

Volkswagen already produces single-seater engines for use in F3 and the announcement prior to Christmas of new engine regulations for F1 from 2013 onwards has led to increased speculation that VW could evaluate an entry into the sport.

Indeed, the announcement was followed by VW representative Hans-Joachim Stuck being quoted in the German press as saying that the new rules would be a ‘good starting point for Volkswagen in Formula 1’.

Those quotes have led to immediate links between Red Bull and Volkswagen thanks to the close relationship between the two parties, which includes sponsorship deals in both F3 and the Dakar Rally.

However, while Mateschitz admits that an ‘interesting partnership’ could be an option for Red Bull in the coming years, he also hinted that there could be an option closer to home.

“We are on stand-by for an interesting partnership," he said, “and even the idea of developing our own engine, I think, is no longer so absurd."

Team boss Horner meanwhile admits that a partnership with VW could happen in future if Red Bull was to split with Renault.

“With Didi’s vision, anything is possible," he told “It is important to keep all the options open. This is one of Mr. Mateschitz’s great strengths." Yahoo! Eurosport

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