James Hunt movie in the pipeline?

The life of James Hunt could form the basis of a new Hollywood movie. A number of blogs are reporting that film studio Dreamworks have acquired the rights to the book Shunt: The Story of James Hunt by F1 author Tom Rubython and is planning to take the 1976 world champion's story to the big screen.

Although Formula One-based films have often been a bit ropey and Sylvester Stallone's attempts to make an F1 epic ended in Driven, Hunt's story could capture the imagination of a wider audience. His playboy lifestyle and public school demeanor are the stuff of motor racing legend and his death from a heart attack at the age of 43, once he had given up alcohol and drugs, makes for a tragic ending.

Movie blog Deadline.com is reporting that 20-year-old Alex Pettyfer is lined up to play the role, after the rights to the recently-released book were bought from Rubython. However, F1 website Pitpass suggests that the Hunt family are not entirely happy with project.

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