2015 Russia GP postponement possible

UPDATE Organizers of the upcoming Russian Grand Prix are confident that they will be able to host their first race as planned in 2014, despite being unadvised as to the précis construction time available for the dual Formula 1-Olympic site.

The brand-new Sochi facility will first play host to the winter Olympic Games in February before F1 arrives later in the year; however, precisely how much later remains to be seen.

“Of course there are some more specific features that will need to be added upon the completion of the Olympic Games such as run-off areas, catch fencing etcetera," city mayor Anatoly Pakhomov explained to Reuters.

“But we foresee the base requirements of the track being completed approximately one year prior to the first race being held. There is every intention to ensure that the F1 race will go ahead as planned in 2014.

“The specific requirements of managing the two events together is being studied carefully at present as the committee working to oversee the successful implementation of the Olympics becomes fully integrated with the committee being set up to orchestrate the F1 race, which is still in its formative stage.

“However, I don't foresee any slippage of the race into 2015 being necessary."

12/18/10 (GMM) City mayor Anatoly Pakhomov has admitted the inaugural Russian grand prix may not take place as scheduled in 2014 if its organization disrupts parallel preparations for the Winter Olympics.

A "worried" International Olympic Committee spokesman admitted last month that it will be "impossible" for the city to organize the two major events at the same time.

Mayor Pakhomov has now told Reuters that postponement of the F1 race is possible but he foresees both events going ahead.

"I don't foresee any slippage of the race into 2015 being necessary," he said.

The F1 circuit is expected to use many of the facilities that are being built for the Olympics, including the international media centre and hospitality structures.

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