Marco Andretti riding on Mario and Michael’s coattails

Q: Is there a reason Meijer left Andretti? I suspect it has something to do with Marco being a not so great spokesman. Is Marco aware what his behavior is doing? He was tweeting this week about hanging out with Paris Hilton and dating Brooke Mueller who is Charlie Sheen's ex and who just got of rehab. Why in the world would a sponsor want to continue to support someone who is surrounding himself with these losers? His grandfather must be mortified. Can't he do anything? Marti

RM: Like my response above, I think Meijer's decision had more to do with joining Roger Penske than dumping the Andrettis. I don't think there's any doubt that Marco is more of a party boy than a racer but with no races or testing for six months, I guess a young man has to have hobbies. Miller's Mailbag

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