Can’t win a race Gordon has sponsor woes?

During a press conference on Friday at Richmond, some notes from a Team Chevy transcript on Jeff Gordon, who has definitely slowed and can't win when it counts in his middle age.:

HOW IMPORTANT WAS IT TO HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS TO LOCK UP CHAD KNAUS AND ALAN GUSTAFSON? "I think it was important. Those two guys are instrumental to our organization, our program and our future. I think it's definitely a positive thing."

DO YOU FEEL THAT STEVE LETARTE WILL RETURN AS YOUR CREW CHIEF? "I feel good about it. This is a guy that's been at our organization for a long time. I think he and I are really, really connecting this year and it's showing with our performance on the track. I think things are going great so I don't see any reason why not."

WHAT IS YOUR SPONSOR SITUATION? "We're openly pursuing things. DuPont is still going to play a major role in our organization and with the 24 team. The overall cost of the sport and the way the trends are progressing, it's tough to have one sponsor that can cover everything. We had a lot of conversations with Shell/Pennzoil and we have a lot going on right now as well." Team Chevy

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